Seprona ‘Phone Me Back’ out tomorrow!

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Revisiting an angst-fuelled morning following a drunken disagreement, Liverpudlian five-piece, Seprona release their brand new indie-pop single, ‘Phone Me Back’ tomorrow. Taking their melodic cues from Liverpool legends and injecting them with funked up drums and punky guitars, ‘Phone Me Back’ is a glimpse into Seprona’s soulful sonic sound journey of rock horns and hip shaking indie riffs.

‘Phone me Back’ is a warm invite to the summer ahead, an indie pop anthem made for an outdoor festival set on a sunny day. With catchy lyrics and a memorable chorus, it is exactly what we need right now, and although the lyrics may be portraying a pointless argument between two people, the melody and general upbeat nature of the track paints the opposite picture.

Speaking about the new track, the band explain: “The song is written about someone getting drunk and ended up arguing with someone they like over something stupid. So, they stormed off in a mood and how they are struggling to deal with all the mixed feelings that would go along with that situation. They regret it almost immediately as soon as they calm down a little bit but they’ve already left so they’re constantly phoning the person to apologise but they aren’t answering. 

The opening line ‘I hear the silence talk more lately,’ is referring to sitting at home through the week and replaying it over in your mind and thinking about how embarrassed you are about the way you acted and how you’re going to change in the future. Conversations everybody has had with themselves at some point after doing stupid things on a night out!”

In 2019 Seprona began their rise, playing tours and festivals across the country alongside artists such as The Coral, The Fratellis, Blossoms and The Feeling among many others. Further support shows with Kyle Falconer (The View),Space and Little Comets quickly led to their own tour in 2020, which ended with their third sold out home town show in front of 250 people.

The band’s singles have been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Radio X, Amazing Radio and broadcast to millions of people on ITV’s This Morning.

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