Paris Youth Foundation – ‘Tired of Loving You’

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Paris Youth Foundation treated us to their latest single earlier this month, with the release of the excellent ‘Tired of Loving You’ via Frictionless Music. It has fuelled rumours of an impending debut album from the Liverpool band, so could there be an announcement around the corner?

Excitement and buzz has surrounded the five-piece since they burst onto the scene, bagging a Radio 1 playlist spot just weeks after forming and performing on festival main stages around the country. ‘Tired of Loving You’ is just another glimpse of what’s in store, following the release of 2021 singles, ‘The Back Seat’ and ‘Tomorrow’.

The latest anthemic track is an emotional trawl through the post-break up struggles of a young couple – “if you need me, I’ll be waiting at the back of the queue, I’m getting tired of loving you”. It’s made for a live show and is sure to be a staple in the Paris Youth Foundation setlist for years to come.

They have also confirmed another live date for 2021, performing at Sonic Wave in Birmingham on Saturday 11th December, alongside the likes of Vistas, The Sherlocks and Yonaka. They will also appear alongside a stacked lineup of talent at Leicestershire’s 110 Above Festival at Gopsall Farm on Saturday 14th August.

Speaking of the new single, frontman, Kevin Potter says: “Tired Of Loving You is about the exhausted feeling after a drawn-out breakup, realising that the calls from your ex in the middle of the night aren’t because they miss you, but because they are too scared to admit it’s over. Without honesty, that cycle of drunken missed calls could loop forever. Just two people who would rather keep putting themselves through this than admit it’s done. There are no happy endings like in the movies.”

We can’t wait to see the new material live and we’ll be keeping an eye on the band’s socials for that debut album announcement. In the meantime, check out the video for ‘Tired of Loving You’ below.

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