Introducing… DDE’s – You Gotta (Shout it Out)

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Manchester band, DDE’s arrived on our radar last month with the release of their latest single, ‘You Gotta (Shout it Out). The rock ‘n’ roll three-piece – Dan Brown, John Page and Paul Gallacher – have demonstrated a post-punk edge to their sound with the new release, a pleasantly stark contrast to that of fan favourite indie folk construct, ‘Talking Tel Aviv’, the band’s most streamed track on Spotify. So who are the adaptable, genre-exploring DDE’s?

Many on social media will be familiar with the band, who have been on the same bill as the likes of Cast and the Lightning Seeds as well as finding themselves on numerous new music playlists and winning public votes on Twitter competitions. They will also be supporting The Shed Project at their sold out hometown Bolton show in August, along with Northern Revelation, in one of the most exciting shows for new music in 2021.

They have been described in the past as having the ‘rare ability to give audiences the feeling they are witnessing a band on the verge of discovery, yet at the same time, feeling as if they have known them for years’. So you can be sure that the many fans gained during the global lockdowns will be keen to see the DDE’s at a live show post-June.

Speaking about the latest single, Dan Brown told Northern Chorus: “I wrote the track when we were coming out of the back end of of this lockdown, so literally a few months back. When the riff came, I knew we had something special. The lyrics literally wrote themselves and I think that it’s relevant to everyone at the minute who feels they’ve had enough and just want to scream and shout because of the whole situation. Hopefully this tune helps.”

The band have already released an impressive 11 singles in just three years of being together, grafting to get the well-deserved recogntion they are now receiving. In 2020, they released the ‘Calm Before the Storm EP’, which includes one of their most popular tracks, ‘Cherry Soul’, laying the foundations for their 2021 effort, ‘You Gotta (Shout it Out)’.

Their ever-changing sound is testament to their creativity and drive to push their musical boundaries, so we look forward to hearing what else is in store for the band this year. In the meantime, you can check the DDE’s socials on Facebook and Twitter, or listen to the the new single on Spotify here.

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