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After their previous release, Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything landed playlist recognition on platforms such as Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal, Liverpool-based four-piece Bandit are back with their new single ‘Ice Cream’, released on SAM Records.

The infectious indie pop hit is filled with catchy melodies, portraying a story of young love and the singer’s desire to spend time with a girl, wherever that may be. So much so that he’d “even take Blackpool”! The extensive repetition of the tongue-in-cheek line probably echoes the holiday-craving UK population’s feelings right now!

This is a band who have already found desirable fans in the shape of Jack Saunders (Radio 1), DIY, Fred Perry Subculture and Radio X. The latest summer-ready anthem was produced by Alex Quinn (Michael Aldag, SPINN, Abbie Ozard) and is Bandit’s best work to date, showcasing one of the north’s exciting new bands heading in the right direction.

Vocalist, Nat Waters commented: “It’s a tune written about young love. Getting caught in the rain and instead of running for shelter, embracing it. Things aren’t perfect because everything’s not always Disney. Falling in love with a girl as we sat laughing on plastic garden chairs is way more rock n roll than that anyway. Youthful nostalgia and summer air in this tune are what makes it quite bittersweet. Make the most of what you got in this moment because you’re never gonna get those seconds back. This is what’s real. Plus we all have a soft spot for Blackpool.”

You can listen to ‘Ice Cream’ by Bandit across all platforms now – check it out HERE.

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