Lottery Winners Release “Worry” And Tease New Album

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Leigh‘s finest, The Lottery Winners are continuing their rapid ascent in the music industry with the release of brand new single, Worry, following their popular festive release and sold out Albert Hall show last month. It is the first taste of the band’s next chapter, and precedes their coveted support slot on Frank Turner’s UK tour at the end of January.

The band’s official Twitter account shared the new single with the caption, “Here’s our brand new single and maybe first single off a brand new album? (eyes emoji)”, teasing fans about the follow-up to Something To Leave The House For. So keep your eyes out for news in the near future…

Frontman, Thom Rylance commented on the new track: “Worry is a stomper for the chronic overthinkers. For those who lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling replaying conversations that don’t actually matter that happened four years ago. I really like it, and really like that we’re offering something different from the typically optimistic Lottery Winners you may be used to.”

“I love the video. We basically just glued a fucking bed to the wall. And a table, and some chips. That was our only idea. Let’s glue loads of stuff on the wall and see what happens. Luckily, we got a pretty good music video and brand endorsement with No More Nails. I also glued my only lighter to the wall, which was inconvenient.”

Lottery Winners are flying at the minute and Worry is a fine way to kick off their 2023. More live dates, festival slots, and new music announcements are expected in the near future, so watch this space!

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