Red Rum Club Release ‘The Elevation’ from The Hollow Sessions

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‘The Elevation‘ becomes the latest single to be released from Red Rum Club‘s highly anticipated unplugged album, The Hollow Sessionsreleased at the end of this month on Modern Sky. Listen to the track HERE.

The band spent their time without live music wisely over the last year, by heading back into the studio and creating an acoustic album which draws a line under a stellar two years, which have seen Red Rum Club release two albums, Matador and The Hollow Of Humdrum.

‘The Elevation’ is noted as the band’s ‘WhatsApp Anthem’, as the track’s lyrics tell a story of serotonin-rushing instant messaging and chasing a source of infatuation into the night via the screen of a smartphone. It follows previous track ‘Eleanor’, which was released as the first acoustic offering ahead of the new album.

The Hollow Sessions will be released digitally on Friday 30th April 2021, with the band promising more surprises and announcements on new music in the very near future.

Fran Doran, the band’s front man, says“The lyric ‘the ticks turn blue’ gives the most obvious indication as to what ‘The Elevation’ is all about – waiting, often pathetically, for a sign that your message has been read and your emotions hanging on that outcome. It’s been a real treat for us to go back to this song, and the others, to give the words and core of the tune air to breathe.”

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