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Fresh from the release of their ‘Reverie EP’ and ‘A Night of Reverie’ livestream gig on Tuesday, we caught up with JC, Freddie and Huss from alt-pop band, Flawes, for a quick Q&A session.

We discussed lockdown as a band, the new EP, their hometown of Huddersfield and plenty more. Check out the following Q&A and link to the Reverie EP at the end of the article!

NC: How has lockdown been for you as a band, have you managed to see much of each other and has it helped or hindered the making of the EP?

Freddie: “It’s been a surprisingly productive time for us as a band. We had an entire year of touring planned to promote the release of our debut album, ‘Highlights’, but the calendar was obviously scrapped when lockdown hit. We decided to turn our attention to writing and learning how to self produce which resulted in a completely unplanned EP – Reverie. We worked remotely throughout the entire process which was a massive change from how we’d normally write, but we all agree that we worked really well without the time constraints that working in expensive studios would typically have.”

NC: Your livestream gig took place this week. How was it? Have you managed to get yourselves in the spirit of virtual gigging easily or is it frustrating to not be out there playing to a crowd?

Huss: “I don’t think anything virtual will come close the feeling of playing in front of a crowd, that’s 100% where we draw our energy from when we’re on stage. But the livestream was awesome, (even though I’m still a little achey from performing again). It was just so nice to be able to play our instruments together in the same room again, and hear these new songs come to life!”

NC: Can you tell me a bit about working in collaboration with Mali-Koa on the recent single and live stream? Is collaborating something you enjoy and something we will see a lot of in the future with Flawes?

JC: “We are big fans of Mali and knew her voice would sound amazing on ‘Higher Than Before’, so we were so excited when she said yes. Collaborating with her was so much fun, it was one of those sessions that was written in 20 minutes, everything seemed to be going for us that day. When we performed with her for the first time at the livestream it was great, probably my favourite moment of the whole livestream show. We always love collaborating with other artists having previously released songs with ROZES and SAD ALEX on our debut album, ‘Highlights’.”

NC: You’re a Huddersfield band, do you feel you are going to put your stamp on the town musically? And do you see Huddersfield rising as a musical hotspot, with the emergence of the likes of Parish getting bigger gigs and the stadium now being used for live shows?

Huss: “I’d like to think so, it’s always good to see the music scene grow and especially in your home town!  We played a show at the Parish in 2019, it was EPIC, all of our old school friends and family came down and we packed the place out (it was like being in high school again). Hopefully one day we achieve JC’s life long dream and sell out a show at the Stadium. That’d be awesome!”

NC: Can we talk about the EP release now then. Can you give us a quick track-by-track run down, with a background on the songs?

JC: Reverie is full of very positive and uplifting themes. I think it was a subconscious reaction to everything going on in the world right now. 
The EP starts with the love song ‘Holding Out For The Win’ – based at the very moment you realise you have fallen in love and you have something worth fighting for.

“Track 2 ‘Whats A Boy To Do’ is all about focusing on the positives of a bad situation. More specifically based on a time when I was a kid and sheepishly walked up to the girl of my dreams and asked her to be my girlfriend. Instead of being heartbroken and gutted when she said no, I was so proud of myself for having the courage to ask. At least I tried my best and I did what I challenged myself to do! 

“Track 3 ‘Higher Than Before’ is all about seeing someone in a different light and realising they make you feel higher than you have ever felt before. 

“Track 4 ‘I Don’t Quit For No One’ is my personal favourite on the Reverie EP. Continuing the theme, it’s a very self empowering song that refuses to allow people’s negative opinions to get me down. The song looks ahead positively towards potential good times.

“Track 5 ‘Move Over’ reminisces on a broken relationship and the idea of clinging on to the last possible hope of re lighting the flame and fighting to make it work.

“Finally the EP closer ‘Against All Odds’ is a feel-good, positive, motivational song, that follows the story of achieving something after working so hard for it for so long. It touches on the darkness of the struggle and the brightness of the triumph.”

NC: How have you found the reception has been so far since release?

Freddie: “It’s been incredible so far! We’ve been told that it feels like our sound has really progressed which is amazing to hear. It’s always great hearing how the songs connect differently with people; everyone seems to have their own favourite track. Playing the songs at the livestream felt really special too, especially after such a long break from sharing the stage together.”

NC: Is there a particular favourite from the EP? Maybe one you are really looking forward to playing live in the future?

Huss: “We all have different favourites for different reasons, but mine has to be the second single we released, ‘What’s A Boy To Do’. It’s such a fun one to play live (mainly because I get to hit the drums pretty hard). We finished our set with it on our livestream show and it was such a good moment.

NC: What are your plans for 2021 post EP? Will there be more releases or live shows in the pipeline?

JC: “Yes, we are one of those bands that never really stops. We’re always keeping busy one way or another writing and recording. There are also most definitely live shows in the pipeline, we can’t wait to announce them!”

NC: And finally, what is the one thing you are looking forward to, musically or outside of music, once things are back to normal?

Freddie: “It goes without saying that the three of us are desperate to play proper shows again, but the thought of being able to go to the pub with friends and loved ones is also very appealing! This EP has been a big team effort and we’re all looking forward to being able to meet in person to celebrate the hard work we’ve put in. Hopefully that will be fairly soon now!”

You can isten to the Reverie EP here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Vr5NFlTQUH3BYeTLDEKnJ?si=2rBKL1fkT9aIcSLbLzMW9w

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