The Leadmill – A Step Closer To Survival

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Sheffield‘s iconic music venue and nightlife hotspot, The Leadmill has moved a step closer to securing its survival in the eviction battle against its landlord.

The case was heard by Recorder Mohyuddin, King’s Counsel, in the Leeds Business & Property Court on May 20th and 21st, 2024.

After a change in the Leadmill’s legal team, various arguments were presented to demonstrate the unlawfulness of the landlord’s actions.

The judge decided to transfer the case to the High Court and noted that three out of the four amended defence arguments made by The Leadmill had “a real prospect of success”.

In his latest witness statement, delivered in front of past and present Leadmill staff, Mr. Madden admitted that if he succeeds in evicting The Leadmill, the venue will not retain its name, and all current staff will be replaced.

Madden also confirmed that he would evict the workshop users if successful, ending the tenancies of those still working from The Leadmill. This includes the artist in residence for 38 years, as well as charitable and socially beneficial organisations and start-up businesses that The Leadmill has supported.

The Leadmill say that given the Human Rights arguments now in play, this case extends beyond just The Leadmill. It impacts 1.5 million business tenants across the UK who risk losing the goodwill of their businesses and their employees’ livelihoods.

The Leadmill aims to ensure that the law acknowledges such actions as violations of established Human Rights principles and that future governments take steps to prevent such ethically questionable business practices.

A Leadmill spokesperson said: “We expect the landlord’s PR company PHA Group will attempt to put a spin on the proceedings, but this is a first step in separating the truth from the lies”.

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