What Are Liam Gallagher And John Squire Planning?

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As Christmas approaches, music news often simmers down following an influx of festival lineups, to allow for the likes of Slade, Wizzard, and Mariah Carey to take over the airwaves and battle it out for Christmas Number One.

However, yesterday Liam Gallagher once again teased a huge collaboration with fans over on Instagram, where he shared a video of The Stone Roses‘ guitarist, John Squire.

The video was captioned “John Squire without a doubt the best guitarist of his generation and in the world in my opinion”, and LG is heard saying as much in the clip, which featured Squire on stage with Oasis.

This is something that has been long teased, with John joining Liam on stage at Knebworth to perform Champagne Supernova, and Gallagher then tweeting ‘Super group incoming LG JS’ after two huge shows.

He went on to confirm that the pair would work together in the future during an interview with Apple Music, and has also described a potential album as “the best since Revolver (The Beatles)”.

However, Liam has said plenty of things in the media over the years, and not all of it has come to fruition, of course.

But this latest development, which includes an official “Gallagher Squire” website, is the most promising news of the partnership to date.

This all comes ahead of Liam Gallagher’s 30th anniversary solo tour of Oasis’ debut album, “Definitely Maybe”, so could we see Squire and Liam on stage together again in the near future?

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