Felix Hill Returns With “Safe and Sound”

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20-year-old singer-songwriter, Felix Hill has returned with new single, Safe and Sound, the first of his 2023 string of releases.

Now maturing as an artist following early singles Different Way and Down To The Races, which caught the attention of online new music lists and radio alike, Felix has channelled his songwriting to reflect his own personal experiences growing up in Greater Manchester.

Felix commented: “It’s about a specific moment. The one where someone realises they’ve seen their partner for the last time. It’s not been said out loud, but both of you know that this goodbye is the one that’s forever.”

The new track has been released on Everybody’s Records and is the result of Felix’s recording sessions at London’s Eastcote Studios with acclaimed producer, George Murphy (Yungblud).

Hill turned multi-instrumentalist for the single, handing over only drums to Dan McDougall, a renowned studio drummer in the UK (Sam Ryder, Baby Queen) and touring artist with the one and only, Liam Gallagher.

Safe and Sound sees Felix Hill finding his feet and evolving his sound, which we will hopefully see in the near future on the live stage where Felix is joined by his regular live band, including recent stand-out shows in London.

Listen to Safe and Sound, the new single from Felix Hill, HERE.

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