Lottery Winners Announce “Anxiety Replacement Therapy”

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On April 28th, Lottery Winners will release their highly anticipated new album, Anxiety Replacement Theory via Modern Sky Recordings. The Leigh quartet are flying at the minute, both in terms of new music releases and impressing on the live stage, and they are going all out with the new record to achieve that coveted number one spot in the album charts.

The last two weeks have seen Courteeners and Reytons securing their first ever number one albums, which has led many to predict a resurgence for UK indie guitar music. Lottery Winners will be hoping to continue this trend, and if the latest singles aren’t enough to get you excited, the band have now confirmed special feature collaborations for the album in the shape of Boy George, Shaun Ryder, and Frank Turner.

Anxiety Replacement Therapy tackles important topics such as mental health and austerity, with frontman Thom Rylance explaining: “Each of the albums in my collection are a self-help tape for me. If I listen to Paul Simon’s Graceland, it’s because I know it’ll put me in a good mood. If I play The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths, it’s because I want to embrace feeling sad. We wanted to present ‘Anxiety Replacement Therapy’ as a self-help tape for anyone playing it. Having the brains of people like Shaun, Frank and George on our work is incredible, I feel humbled to be in a position where our idols say yes to us.”

Speaking about the collaboration with Boy George, Thom adds: “I was researching what it is that makes a song a classic. I’m intrigued by pop icons and the idea of classic songs, so I was listening to a lot of Boy George. I wrote Let Me Down for George without knowing it. When the penny dropped that George should sing it, I couldn’t rest until he agreed. Which I’m sure wasn’t very fun for George.” 

The band sold out Manchester Albert Hall in just 10 hours last year, and will be heading back out on a huge UK tour in 2023. Lottery Winners recently supported the Reytons and are currently on tour with Frank Turner, so this incredible and loyal fanbase is only expanding off the back of impressive live performances.

Bassist, Kate Lloyd, commented: “We know how much our band means to people. If this album gives support to anyone and helps keep them going, that’d mean more than anything.”

Tickets for the Lottery Winners’ 2023 headline tour beginning in April are on sale now. Head to for more information.

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