The Calls Release “Setting Sun” and Headline Leeds 360 Club

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Following the release of their brand new EP, Leeds indie psyche trio, The Calls enjoyed a special night in their home city, celebrating the release of “Setting Sun” with a show at the 360 Club (Lending Room) on Friday night. With support from High Windows, My Nose Is Pierced and Hobbies, it gave fans a chance to revel in the hype for one of West Yorkshire’s most exciting bands.

This is the band’s third EP and follows 2018’s “The Night The World Stood Still” and 2020’s “Fall Inside Again”, once again signalling a change in sonic direction from a band always willing to test themselves creatively. As a group who are proudly versatile, unpredicatable and DIY, the EP was recorded in a converted barn and finally landed in fans’ ears on November 4th.

Songwriter and vocalist, Tom Fuller commented: “We wanted to create a different world to the last EP, one that was brighter, warmer and more optimistic than our previous work. We introduced more electronic sounds, synths and drum loops and I think this adds to the mysterious sound of the record as it’s neither a guitar record nor an electronic record. Lyrically, I intended it to be quite hopeful in a time when hope is scarce, and I’d like to think this comes through.”

This wonderfully mysterious and creative force is completed by Will Johnson, a film maker and visual artist on lead guitar, and Marcell Haslewood, a lifeguard turned bassist. It’s true that nothing about The Calls appears conventional, yet once again “Setting Sun” has worked beautifully with a move to dark, psychedelic dub-rock.

Their latest celebrity fan is none other than professional boxer, Josh Warrington, and let’s be honest, you’re not going to argue with him, are you? He has even been spotted training in the band’s t-shirts!

Check out the new EP here: SETTING SUN EP


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