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The K’s burst onto the indie scene in 2017 with their catchy debut single ‘Sarajevo’. The band originally formed in high school, with two of the current members Jamie Boyle (vocals & guitar) and Dexter Baker (bass). However, college, university and other commitments upon leaving school led to The K’s going their separate ways, until January of last year when Jamie & Dexter decided to reignite the band.

Sarajevo was written in the same month, and with a new drummer and guitarist the band had found their feet again. The K’s have gone from strength to strength ever since, being picked up by Republic Music Management and garnering radio play from the likes of XS Manchester. We chatted to frontman Jamie, who discussed their ongoing rise to popularity, ambitions for 2018, and of course the band’s biggest gig to date coming up at Gorilla, Manchester, in May.

What were your personal inspirations behind forming The K’s and who got you into your music? 

“As far back as I can remember I’ve always been listening to bands, and my Dad’s the same. I played the drums up until I was about 13, but then I was watching videos of The Jam and seeing Paul Weller just made me want to be a singer and pick up a guitar. It definitely comes through in our music and the way we play, but then some of the band are into the likes of The Rolling Stones and B. B. King so that really shines through as well.”

You’ve already been heaped with praise from the likes of Clint Boon on XS Manchester. Radio play is so important in the early stages for any band, so it must feel good?

“XS Manchester have been great to us and the reception we’ve had from their listeners has been pretty incredible. Obviously praise from anybody is nice, but when you’re getting praise from the likes of Clint Boon it makes it even sweeter.”

You play Gorilla on Friday 11th May, in what’s set to be the band’s biggest gig so far. What are your thoughts and feelings in the run up to the big night?

“We can’t wait. I’m absolutely buzzing and it’s definitely going to be a landmark gig for us. We sold out Jimmy’s and Deaf Institute, so we’re working our way up in Manchester and looking forward to playing in the city again. We live in Earlestown which is right in the middle of Liverpool and Manchester, but we’ve always seen ourselves as more of a Manchester band.

“It’s where we hang about most of the time, so we don’t really associate ourselves with Liverpool as much because we’ve always naturally swayed to the other side.”

And you’ll be joined by Y.O.U.N.G who are also with Republic. How important has the new management been for the band? It must be a nice environment to be in with everybody doing so well at the minute?

“Definitely. Since joining we’ve been put on the Kendal Calling line-up, the Gorilla date was announced and we played outside the Etihad Stadium. It’s just nice having professionals doing the stuff that we couldn’t do before.”

You mention Kendal Calling, which was a huge announcement relatively early on for the band. What else have you got lined up for the summer?

“Yes it’s a massive platform for us so we can’t wait to play there. I’ve actually been wanting to go to the festival for ages and this is the best line-up I’ve ever seen there (not just because we’re on the bill either!) We’ve got Cotton Clouds and loads of other festivals lined up too this year, so it’s shaping up to be a great 2018.

“We’ve got the new single coming out as well which we can’t wait to show everyone. It’s being mastered and fine-tuned as we speak so the next single is imminent. 2018 is about a mixture of getting the new songs out and playing to new people.”

And how will the new single and upcoming material compare to Sarajevo, with the bar set rather high? 

“Sarajevo racked up over half a million hits on Spotify which was incredible, but that was released at the end of July so we need new music out there to freshen things up. The releases we have coming up are quite similair in style to Sarajevo because we were writing and recording them around the same time. We hope people love it and can’t wait for everybody to hear the new stuff.”

So we know what to expect in 2018, but what are your ambitions for the years ahead? How far can The K’s go?

“I could stand here and say I want to play the big arenas, and don’t get me wrong I do, but at the minute I’m just focusing on whats in the diary. It’s important to look at what we’ve got coming up in the next few months and focus on the task at hand, making sure we put our absolute all into it and get the best out of it we can.

“We don’t want to get carried away with ourselves so I just think it’s important to avoid distractions by not looking too far into the future.”

So there you have it. Look out for the new single in the coming days, and if you haven’t already got tickets to the Gorilla gig then what are you waiting for? Tickets are available here.


Sean Marsh

Sean Marsh

Founding Editor of Northern Chorus

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