Three Times Elvis Covered Northern Classics!

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Elvis Presley is one of music’s true icons. Although he tragically passed away at the age of just 42 years old, The King has undoubtedly left behind a lasting legacy. Over the years, many have attempted to cover songs from his extensive catalogue of music, but they have never quite managed to match up to the original.

The man himself was also partial to a cover or two during his reign, with Elvis making hits such as Always On My Mind, Blue Moon and My Way his own over the years. Here we have footage of three times Elvis took on northern classics, so did he do them justice?

In terms of a lasting legacy, The Beatles and Elvis Presley are two artists who are hard to match up to. Elvis once took two classic tracks from The Beatles and performed them together, here is the result!

Credit – Youtube (M.r A.P)

In 1970, Elvis Presley took on the Bee Gees classic Words. Elvis seemed to have the ability to take on any track and make it his own, and he did that once again here. Years later, Irish pop group Boyzone covered the same song, so you can decide for yourselves which is better…

Credit: Youtube (LittleIvis87)

This song had been performed as a show tune and recorded long before Gerry and The Pacemakers put their stamp on it, but it went on to become an iconic northern song once they did. Both Liverpool FC and Celtic FC have adopted the song in the sporting world over the years, and Elvis did the same back in the day. Here is what happened when The King took on a Mersey beat once again…

Credit: Youtube (Rick O)

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