Ranked 1 to 13: The Courteeners – St Jude

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2018 marks the ten year anniversary of the Courteeners’ debut album St Jude. We take a look back to celebrate what was a fantastic record, and took it upon ourselves to do the even harder job of ranking the tracks from 1 to 13. After plenty of deliberation, here’s what we went for…

13. If It Wasn’t For Me
“For an average girl with bad teeth, who you’d do anything to please…”

Well, it had to be one of them.

12. Kings Of The New Road
“I loved you, I still do, I probably always will do…”

Solid album track, but tough competition.

11. Aftershow
“The walk home from barbecue, is so very long when I’m walking with you…”

Perfect album opener.

10. How Come
“We know that you’d never be so daft and that’s what makes you so smooth…”

Went on to open Fray’s solo acoustic sets.

9. Yesterday, Today and Probably Tomorrow
“Middleton to Withington & Middleton and back, is more than enough to make the average Middletonian crack.”


8. No You Didn’t, No You Don’t
“Just because my newspaper pages haven’t been The Times in ages, does this mean that I don’t know as much as you?”

This being so low down is testament to the standard of the album.

7. Fallowfield Hillbilly
“When you walk past with your eyeliner on, one hand in glove…”

Top t-shirt seller.

6. What Took You So Long?
“Was there a dirty double decker stagecoach, you just happened to miss?”

If this list was based on live shows, it would be hard to beat.

5. Please Don’t
“You spend 85% of your night trying to make me understand…”

Beaut of a song. Even better with the Standing Here snippet.

4. Cavorting
“Your club is full of overrated, dehydrated, goggle eyed girls…”

Quality song, would be number one for many.

3. Acrylic
“You got an okay jacket but you’ve got no spine, please vacate this city of mine…”

This one was alright for a hidden track. Chapter 21.

2. Not Nineteen Forever
“I know it seems strange but things they change…”


1. Bide Your Time
“And the gaggle of girls who are singing too loud…”

What the Courteeners are all about, a worthy winner in our eyes.

Agree or disagree? Feel free to have your say on Twitter or in the comments. Ranking aside, it’s a flawless album and we can’t wait for the re-issue and the anniversary gigs!

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