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Isaac, Luigi, Jack and Matt, collectively known as No Hot Ashes, formed around three and a half years ago in Stockport. The band’s debut track Goose was released in October 2014, and it became an instant hit, remaining a firm fan favourite to this day.

As four musicians with incredibly varied music tastes and influences, the influx of ideas is constantly differing from week to week, with all four regularly introducing each other to new music. Essentially, No Hot Ashes is very much a fusion band. A melting pot of Indie, Funk, Disco, Punk & everything in-between.

We spoke to the band about their imminent new material, the big upcoming headline show at Club Academy, Manchester, in December and more. Here’s what the Stockport four-piece had to say.

You’ve got a big sold out gig coming up in December at Club Academy, Manchester. How does it feel to be selling out venues already and what does playing in Manchester mean to the band?

To think our first headline gig as the current line-up was playing at what used to be Kraak Gallery in Manchester at less than 150 capacity to now selling out 450 then 650 capacity venues is incredible. The progression has been constant and we intend to carry on that trend.

Manchester is a beautiful City full of culture and especially within music a constant flow of every genre you can think of. Living only 7 miles outside of the City Centre means we can get into town really easy so it’s the first place we started gigging. It means a lot to us that we have progressed to bigger venues over the last couple of years. It feels good.

Being a Stockport band, do you feel as though Blossoms have now paved the way for something special to happen here, with bands like yourselves making a name for the town musically? Putting Stockport on the map, so to speak.

We have great respect for the work Blossoms have done and are still doing. They have been the first band to break from Stockport since 10cc in the 70`s so we are very proud of them for being a Stopfordian band. In regards to our own success we feel like a very different band to them so we don’t think our path will be the same as theirs, but in terms of exposure it has been amazing to have a band so close to home create such a buzz in the music industry.

More and more people are talking about you as the months go by, are there any particular areas of the UK that you’ve noticed you are more popular in? Do you find it harder to attract fans down south compared to the north?

Over the course of the last two years we have spent time travelling to as many cities as we can to gig. Besides Manchester, we have a great fan base in Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol & London to name a few. We just want that to keep growing. There is a very clear North/South divide in music and sometimes bands from the North just don’t attract fans from the South and vice-versa. Thankfully we haven’t found that to be the case with our music as we just want to make people dance and everyone loves that.

You’re about to go back into the studio to record new music. How does  it compare to past releases?

Yes, we have just got back from a longer than usual recording session with our sonic wizard Gavin Monaghan & Joe Murray. Over the past 12 months we’ve written a good few new tunes and we’ve now finished recording them – we are extremely happy with each one.

They’re all different but they are all definitely NHA still. We wanted to show a few different sides to this band. We aren’t a one trick pony and we can write more than just an indie pop/funk tune. We`re really excited to show people these tracks. They expose us in a few different areas which people wouldn’t have really expected of us. 

Which track are you most proud of to date and why?

We’re incredibly proud of every release we have done. Each time we have released a track our status as a band has increased , which is surely a good thing, so we’d have to be proud of all of them. In particular, our first offering to the world of music Goose does stand at the top of the popularity list. It always goes off live and I think people really relate to the lyrics and the dancey vibe.

December’s gig promises to be big, but what has been your stand-out gig to date and why? Is there any particular venue/city you would love to play in the future?

We sold out the big room at the sadly, soon to be demolished Sound Control in Manchester. We initially announced to play the basement with a 300 capacity but that sold out in under 2 weeks so we had to upgrade to the biggest room at 450 capacity. That show for all of us will go down as one of the best live performances and crowds ever.

We just want to keep going to bigger and more established venues. The Albert Hall in Manchester is a definite dream for us. A massive yet intimate venue and a very beautiful space.

What else have you got planned for 2018 now? Is a debut album on the horizon?

The album is probably a little while away yet. We want to get it right so timing is really important. 2018 we are gonna smash it. Loads of gigs and lots more releases and dancing in store for everyone.

No Hot Ashes will also be appearing in the 2nd series of BBC One Drama The A Word later this year. The show will be aired from the beginning of November, with NHA appearing in Episode 3.

Fancy seeing what the fuss is all about? Here are the band’s upcoming live dates and where to find them online:

Not Hot Ashes – Live Shows 2017
November 01 | Leeds, Oporto Bar
November 26 | Sheffield, The Harley
December 15 | Liverpool, The Magnet
December 16 | Manchester, Club Academy *SOLD OUT*

For more info:
Twitter | @nohotashesband
Instagram | nohotashesband
Spotify |

Sean Marsh

Sean Marsh

Founding Editor of Northern Chorus

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