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The world of pop music can often be tarnished with the reputation of manufactured artists performing songs written for them and having little or no musical talent. However, in the case of Manchester’s pop rock band Y.O.U.N.G, this is not the case.

Previously known as Loud Kids but rejuvenated with two extra members and a new style of music, Y.O.U.N.G have two European tours to their name already and are ready to tour their new material once again with Live Nation in the near future.

The musical preferences and influences differ from member to member, and Y.O.U.N.G have been picking up quite the fanbase, not only in the UK but around the rest of Europe too. The band have also been writing music for other artists too, including the likes of Lucy Raw.

We caught up with Chez (lead singer), Ben (rapper) and Tom (bass), who spoke to Northern Chorus about their upcoming single, the fanbase, the taboo word that is ‘pop’ and more. Here’s what they had to say:


“This is the beauty of us really. I (Chez) come from a rock background. I love Green Day and stuff like that and Tom is pretty similair to me – he’s into your Blink 182s etc. Ben likes anything funky and jazzy with a bit of the rock influence in there too. 

“Jamie, our producer, is heavily into the dance side of things, but I think between us all it fuses together quite well. We all get along with one another and respect each others creativeness, and we are always willing to try new things and work as a team for the benefit of the band.

“The move into pop was just how it went really. I’m (Chez) not a rocker by any stretch of the imagination, my image takes me out of that bracket straight away. As a kid I was in a pop punk band and eventually I met Jamie and started writing some pop tunes.

“It might be in our heads but we think pop can be a dirty word sometimes. It puts you in the bracket of the One Directions, but we write all of our songs – it all comes from us. It is more pop rock in a way, but we are just good mates making music together.”


“If anything we’ve tried to stay away from the Manchester band vibes, it pigeon holes you straight away. We aren’t that type of band, and we try to focus on making an impression internationally rather than sticking to our home city.

“We never think of the location. I suppose we do naturally draw some influences from Manchester in a way, but we generally just try to be ourselves and see what happens. Music doesn’t need to have a location.”


“It’s amazing that we’ve got genuine fans in other countries, its quite mental actually. We did a tour a couple of years ago and it really got the ball rolling in places like France and the Netherlands. We have people greeting us at the airport in Amsterdam it’s actually insane. Poland is another mad one, people have screamed when we stepped out of a taxi.

“100k likes on Facebook is a huge achievement for us, and we are always looking to the next big milestone. We stay humble but in my head we’ve already kind of done it. We’re looking forward to the million now (laughs).

“We are very forward thinking in that sense, it’s just the way we like to live our life. It might sound big headed but I (Chez) already know what I’m wearing at awards ceremonies – it’s just the way my brain works.”


“What I Gotta Do went down well, people loved it and it got 1.2 million views in a couple of weeks. We’ve even got some lads coming on our side too as well as the girls that are commenting, which is nice to see.

“The new single is a bit more rocky compared to ‘What I Gotta Do’. We like to call it a stomper, it gets the crowd going, and it’s got a bit of a deeper breakdown. When we create we try to keep it under one brand if you like, so each song is linked but different at the same time.

“We also shot a video recently for ‘I Really Don’t Like You’ for £50 which was great. It was nice to do a low budget video and show a bit of a grittier side to us.”


“My (Ben) favourite is probably Warsaw. We wasn’t expecting anything like the reception we got in Poland, it was a bit emotional to be honest. We thought it would be in an empty field with nobody there but it was surreal. 

I (Chez) loved Brussels. We’ve only been there once but it’s definitely in our plans to go again soon. We also want to break into the American and Asian markets soon, which is uncharted territory for us at the moment.”


“The first album is boxed off. We’ll be releasing about four or five singles beforehand with a release date of some point next year. We just love creating and writing music. I think we’ll have made album 8 before album 2 is even released to be honest (laughs).”

Y.O.U.N.G’s new single Exposure is out on 22nd September!

Sean Marsh

Sean Marsh

Founding Editor of Northern Chorus

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