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Indie-pop four-piece Puppet Theory have been making a name for themselves in the industry since the release of the band’s debut EP Buttons, which has been complimented by several live shows at venues such as the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Individually, Chris, Johnny, Niall and Paul hail from various different areas of the UK, but with half of the band being from in and around the Manchester area Puppet Theory is a group firmly based in Manchester.

Although the band is relatively new to the scene, their catchy songs and memorable lyrics are showcasing the potential and promise needed for a bright future in the industry. We managed to speak to Chris (lead singer) and Niall (bass) before last night’s gig at Hangar 34 in Liverpool, to discuss Puppet Theory’s upcoming single, gigs and a potential future album release.

NC: So how did the band get started, can you tell me a bit about the formation and influences behind Puppet Theory?

Chris: We all came together about 18 months ago now, it started off as a jam and became what it is today. I’ve known our guitarist Johnny for nearly 10 years, he used to come and watch my old band, and when his band let him down he came to me and we started jamming. I hadn’t been in a band for a while at this point, and then we found Paul and Niall through friends of friends.

Niall: We all have very different influences. Personally I like American bands like Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, but Chris is a massive fan of stuff like The Cribs and Paramore. If you sit there listening to our music and know of all the different individual influences that have gone into it then you would be able to hear it all in one song. It is a broader range of sound that we make because of this, if we all liked the same music we would just be regurgitating what’s already out there and it’s already hard enough to be unique.

NC: You have released your debut EP now, what has the reception been and is there a stand-out track?

Chris: Buttons is obviously the title track of the EP, but my favourite song personally is Young & Youthful because it’s one I wrote about my younger days, playing on the beach with my mates, so it has a lot of sentimental value. The reception we got from the fans and people we speak to is very mixed. We never get the same response when we ask people what their favourite song is, which we definitely take as being a good thing.

NC: What is the best gig you have played so far?

Chris: Deaf Institute is probably the best we have played at so far. We weren’t the headline band but three quarters of the crowd were our crowd so it was a really awesome show. It made it quite special.

NC: What can we expect from the new single, ‘I, The King’?

Niall: The new single is definitely a bit heavier than our previous songs. We have progressed as a band a lot since we first started and I think this track is a culmination of that. It’s probably most similair to Young & Youthful, but like I said it is heavier. It’s a song you can only listen to on top volume and it’s going to be great to play live once it has been released.

NC: And are there plans for an album any time soon? What are the band’s plans for the near future?

Chris: There have been hints of an album around the corner, but the priority is the upcoming single. We’ve got quite a few gigs booked around the country in the next few months, and we are looking forward to going to new places, meeting new people and fans. We want to go as far as we can physically take it, booking further afield and visiting different countries. We have fans in places like Finland, Poland and Canada so we would love to play out there!

Puppet Theory will be performing at Soup Kitchen in Manchester on 7th June, and the new single ‘I, The King’ will finally be released on 1st July, so be sure to keep an eye on the band and check it out!

Sean Marsh

Sean Marsh

Founding Editor of Northern Chorus

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